Funding A Blurb Book (Part 4)

Here is the next response I received from Blurb regarding a possible fund raising partnership:

Hi Andre,
This certainly is exciting for you!

As I mentioned previously, we are approached my numerous organizations looking for sponsorship and while we’d love to support each and every one, it just isn’t possible for us. Unfortunately, we can’t participate with 100 books at a price of $65 each. Our budget is just too strapped right now, but we do want to try to support you in some way. What I might suggest is that you set up a computer where people can buy the book online at the event and we can give you a code so everyone can get free shipping (up to $12). I’d encourage you to sell the book for $75 so you can make $10 per book sold to fund your efforts.

We will also donate 10 copies to you for your own needs and for the family. I will also give you a code to make a proof of the book for free. You could use one as a display model at the event so people could see the book before they buy it.

If you’re interested in moving forward, just let me know.



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