Funding A Blurb Book (Part 3)

Here is my response to Blurb:

Hello Suzanne. Here is a breakdown of what’s happening for the show, what type of book I need & quantity, and what type of media coverage Blurb can expect in return for their participation.

(100) 20-40 page Large Landscape, hardcover, ImageWrap, premium paper

This is going to be a solo exhibit held at the Academy of Art University’s 625 Sutter Street Gallery. This gallery receives a steady flow of daily traffic from students and instructors who are entering the building for classes. (They must walk through the gallery to get to the elevator.) Because of the gallery’s location to various hotels and restaurants on Sutter street there is also a steady flow of tourists, and locals.

The gallery reception will be November 5, 2009, ‘first Thursday’ gallery event, and the show will run from October 31-November 30. I am expecting people from all over the greater bay area to attend, especially from the EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) commnunity, this includes doctors, nurses, and admin from Stanford University’s Dermatology department & the Lucille Packard Children’s hiospital. Garrett’s friends and family, my friends and family, peers, instructors, school administration, and members of the non-profit group EBMRF (Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.) Along with the general public I am expecting quite a turn out, at least a couple hundred people if not more to walk through and see the work. To accommodate people who can’t make it to the opening reception on November 5, I am also planning a closing reception possibly the third saturday of the month for everyone who who could not attend the opening reception.

Normal gallery hours are: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm & Saturday 10am-5pm

There are many opportunities for Blurb to gain exposure through participating in this event. First off, I am an active blogger, I am very active on Facebook with over 100 contacts who are all photographers, artists, graphic designers, friends, family, members of the general public, and other working professionals. I have had at least 50 confirmed visits to my blog this month. I would feel comfortable doubling that. I only recently starting tracking my blog activity so I can’t give you a confirmed number. I am unsure of how many people have subscribed through the RSS feed. My blog is linked to my Facebook account, so every entry I make appears as a post to my 100+ contacts. I am also active on flickr, with over 100 contacts as well. I am a member of many groups, and upload digital flyers for past exhibits to flickr. My flickr account is also linked to my Facebook account. Every upload I perform appears as a public post.

I am creating my own show flyer, a 4×6 double sided postcard style promo card. 1000 will be professionally printed and distributed around the greater bay area. With your participation, I will add your logo to the front and/or the back of the card, along with the a line stating that books for sale have been donated by blurb. The school will be writing a press release for the show in which I will inform them of your participation. The promotional card will digitally distributed via e-mail to all of my facebook and flickr contacts, friends, family, and will be e-mailed to Garrett and his family so they can also send it to all of their contacts, friends and family. The card will be posted to my blog, uploaded to flickr, and placed on my web site as well, which by the way receives steady traffic, at least 200-300 hits a day, my flickr site ranges anywhere from 30-300 hits a day. The local non-profit, Fotovision, in which I am an active participant of both their monthly slide slam, and multimedia salon, has also agreed to mention the show in their monthly e-newslettter. I am also friends with an editor/contributor of livebooks ‘resolve’ blog, who could possibly mention the show in livebooks blog. I also am an active member of BADA (Bay Area Documentary Association) a student organization at the Academy of Art University that meets bi-weekly. I will also be advertising the show there as well. I am also working with the EBMRF to try to have the flyer posted on their web site, and also have the show move to an LA gallery, early 2010. Also, the Academy of Art University took notice to my blog regarding my intention to approach Blurb for a donation to help in my fund raising for Garrett. I received an e-mail from the AAU news feed editor asking if he could do a short story on my efforts.

Aside from all of the promotion, I can also work the Blurb logo into the book’s cover design.

I believe I covered all the bases. If you need clarification on anything I wrote please let me know. Thank you again for your consideration, and I will look forward to your response.

Best regards,

Andre Hermann

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