Funding A Blurb Book Part 2

The same day I submitted my partnership form to Blurb I received a response. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But rather than explain it, I’ll let you read the e-mail for yourself.

Hi Andre,
Thank you for your interest in Blurb. I’m impressed with your work with Garrett. What a wonderful thing you’ve done and your photography is fantastic!

As I’m sure you aware, we receive many requests like this fairly frequently and while we’d love to participate in everything, it’s simply not possible to be a partner for all. However, if you can provide me with some additional information, let’s see if there’s something creative we can do.

First, can you tell me a little about the type of book you’re looking to make (trim size, paper requirements, cover requirements and page count)? You can see all the options here:

Secondly, can you tell me a little about your exhibit where these books will be for sale? How many people are you expecting to come through the exhibit? Also, are there any other opportunities for Blurb to gain exposure from our participation in this (do you blog? If so, what’s your outreach? Will the location of the exhibit be creating any materials online or in print where Blurb will be represented? How will the exhibition be marketed and what will Blurb’s inclusion be in that? Etc?)?

Thanks, and congratulations on your exhibit.



I am formulating my response, so stay tuned.

My gallery opening reception will be Thursday, November 5th, 530-730pm, at the Academy Of Art’s 625 Sutter Street Gallery in San Francisco, CA. I will be announcing this officially very soon. I am in the process of designing the promo card.

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