Funding a Blurb book

This November my thesis work, ‘Garrett: The Boy Beneath The Bandages,’ will be on exhibit in San Francisco, CA. for one month. As part of this exhibit I am intending on producing 100 books showing the photos from the 1.5 years I worked with Garrett and his family. I have been researching different book publishing companies, blur etc. to research the cost of these books. My goal was to ask blurb to donate 100%, or a portion of the production cost of the books. The proceeds going directly to Garrett and his family to help off-set the expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. I thought it would be as easy as walking into their downtown San Francisco office and scheduling a meeting to pitch my idea. Oh no, if it was only that easy. I started research blurb and how to contact them, which opened a whole can worms about the company, and people’s choice opinions of how Blurb chooses to do business. But I digress. I’m not writing this to bash blurb, only to document my experience with pitching an idea to acquire funding for a book project.

After being turned away at the security desk of Blurb’s California Street office location, and being told that everything that I could possibly need to know about how to do business with blurb is on their web site, I sat down and explored the help section, FAQs. To no avail, I decided to e-mail customer service with a general help question. Not sure what to expect or what part of the world this e-mail was going to I figured I would at least try. The least I could expect was, ‘Sorry we’re not interested.” What I did receive was a quick response telling me that the best way to get my pitch seen and considered by the appropriate people at Blurb was to fill out the attached form, which was a ‘Partnership’ form. I filled out all the information and pitched my idea, see below.

‘My name is Andre Hermann. I am a Documentary Photographer located in Oakland, CA. and a recent graduate from the Academy of Art University. This November I have solo show exhibiting my thesis work, ‘Garrett: The Boy Beneath the Bandages.’ I spent 1.5 years documenting this boy and his family as they struggle with a rare genetic skin disorder, EB. During the month long gallery exhibit I want to have 100 blurb books made featuring the photographs of Garrett’s story. These books would be for sale. The proceeds would go directly to Garrett and his family.
Can blurb donate 100%, or a portion, of the production cost of these 100 books? This would be a really good opportunity for blurb to also embrace a strong story and help bring attention to children and families with debilitating diseases trying to financially cope in a time of health care uncertainty. Please let me know if there is any possibility making this happen. The complete photo essay, ‘Garrett: The Boy Beneath The Bandages’ can be seen at my web site:’

So now I wait. I am really interested to see if I get a response what that response might be. Stay posted.


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