The Editing Process

Finishing my graduate program this summer, I have reached the point in my work where I must now critically review all of my images, and give serious thought to the narrative of ‘Garrett: The Boy Beneath the Bandages.’ Making these images was the easy part. The challenge is to create a solid working edit from over 10,000 images. A very frustrating and complicated task for a someone just coming out of school. But thanks to the help of my mentors: Ed Kashi, Jim Nachtwey, Fred Larson, and Richard Koci Hernandez, all who I had the opportunity to work with over the last year-and-a-half, editing was made a little less painful, and actually a fun challenge.

I created a working edit of 30 images with Ed Fall 08 semester. Created another working edit with Jim during the Spring 09 semester. I took the best of both to create my final working edit.
Throughout my school experience. I have always found it helpful to line my photos up along the floor outside of the print lab at school. I could really get a good idea how the overall story flowed and how each image worked with the next. Another benefit of this is the ability to see gaps in the narrative; what missing moments are needed.  
There were 38 images here. The four along the bottom had been pulled for the moment. They might be used as ‘bridges’ later. For now their out. There is another image near the top row. This image was in question. I already have an image of Garrett and his brother in the jacuzzi. Wasn’t sure if I needed another. This is a problem I am currently facing: Two images that cover the same topic, ‘a whimsical moment of fun’ in the pool/jacuzzi, yet two completely different moments. I have choose between the two. Which speaks louder? Which has more emotional strength? Expression? I decided against this floater, and stuck with my original choice, 3rd row first image on left. Garrett and his bro are spitting water at each other in the jacuzzi. Emotion can be seen on both their faces, and the architecture of the frame is solid.

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