Tent city Sunday

Got out to the camp early Sunday morning in time to find some of my
friends awake and enjoying a cup of coffee. I decided that today I
would dedicate to following this one couple around. They told me they
were running errands around town. So I hopped in the car and went. We
went to walmart in search of a new air mattress. Their old one had
developed a leak. We had lunch in a park, a place they knew had power
outlets at the BBQ area, allowing them to charge their phones while we
ate. The place was a disaster area from a previous party who left
their mess everywhere, and had been picked through by animals. I was
told that sights like these gave the homeless a bad name. The homeless
would be blamed for this, that's the easy way for everyone.
Afterwards, we headed out to another park for a picnic to feed the
hungry sponsored by a famous middle weight boxing champ. We all took a
nap in the park until the chow bell rang. People began coming in from
every direction.

The evening came and a group of teens came out in a cavalcade of cars
as they have every Sunday for the last 6 months. These kids have
making/buying food to feed the tent city people from their own
pockets. One person told me that when they can't afford anything they
come out just to offer hugs and smiles. But luckily, the lord has
always provided for them so they can help the people of tent city.

There is a lot of tension here for cameras and the media. Time is
running out for the people of tent city. The city if Sacramento plans
on relocating them to the cal expo center, apparently a quick fix to a
much larger problem.

I have had many people aggresively approach me or stair me down
because they thought I took their photo without asking. There are
many, many people here who do not want to be photographed. This one of
the reasons why I have refocused my efforts on just one couple and
their existence here at tent city.
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