Confirmed–Directed Study With James Nachtwey

With the Spring 09 semester upon me, I once again had to find another photographer to work with me as a directed study advisor. Even though I never heard back from James Nachtwey earlier in the fall, I did not let this detract me. I knew the man must be extremely busy. So, I pursued him again. But this time I enlisted the help of the Academy’s MFA director, Will Mosgrove. During a meeting with Will, he told me of a conversation he shared with Jim in which he had shown interest in working with an Academy student. With this in mind I sent out a new e-mail/proposal to Jim. Will also sent an e-mail to Jim. I wasn’t sure if he was even getting the e-mails, as far as I knew he receives hundreds of e-mails per day. I waited a while and then received an e-mail from Jim. He was interested, intrigued by the idea, wanted to know more about what working as a directed study advisor would entail. Waiting again, I sent Jim a link to my web site and thesis work so he could review my story. Not hearing a response, Will suggested sending another email, asking for his timely response. Will suggested that he send the e-mail to Jim. A short wait later, we received a response:

dear will,
i’ve been below the radar for a bit. good to hear from you again. normally i would pass on a long term teaching commitment due to a general state of overload, but this is such an intriguing idea that i will accept. i have confidence in your judgment, and look forward to working with andre and hopefully being able to help him progress. please fill me in on further details.

all the best, jim

I was so f@*king excited to hear this. One of the best, and still, living war photographers of all time has agreed to mentor me for a semester. Let me just say this. This is the guy, next to Ed , who really motivated me to pursue documentary photographer,  tell the story to try to make a difference in the world, and even want to shoot conflict zones. I am very excited for this opportunity, and cannot wait for school to start again.
If any of you really want to get a better idea of who Jim is watch the documentary: ‘war photographer.’

One thought on “Confirmed–Directed Study With James Nachtwey

  1. Hi, Andre. After I saw your blog about direct study with James Nachtwey, I also feel very excited about it. This will be so awesome that you can direct study with him man! He is the MAN! Good Luck, Andre! Best chris

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