Tie’s Warehouse Project

I never knew that there was such a rift between graffiti artists and urban explorers(photographers.) I have started to realize the severity of this division. As I work on my documentary about the cannery I have been trying to gain momentum and get writers on board with the project. Some people have welcome me and offered help in any way. Others, have actually went out of their way to black list me from graffiti discussion boards, and have also started adding tags to my photos, “blow up spots” on graffiti photos. I have even had writers e-mail me asking to remove the photos of their work from my flickr. 

To be honest I was a little ignorant to the subject in the beginning by posting the my project details on graffiti discussion boards. Honestly, I just wanted to generate interest. Later, it finally dawned on me that those graffiti boards just might be monitored my local law enforcement. With that said, I contacted the administrators of the boards and asked that they remove the discussion strings. 
I find it very interesting that certain writers out there are making a big deal about the documentary of the cannery. Everyone knows about that place. They must think that I am super liberal hippy burn out  who’s trying to make a movie for the yuppie population. I just love graffiti! Everything about it. But I guess some writers out there don’t like the idea of people liking it just because. They would rather continue complaining about how everyone hates it so they can feel like they’re still fuckin’ the system. That’s really too bad if that’s the case.

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