Union Iron Works (San Francisco)

Today I Found Heaven
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After talking with a contact I was informed that there is in fact a fully functional alarm system in this gem of a historic space. The motion sensor was placed there after scrappers infiltrated the space, and scrapped electrical cables that were feeding power to the surrounding, active buildings. I am still confused as to why it took so long to go off. We walked by it many times, even stood right in front of it. I was left to believe that it was on a timer of some sort. But I have never heard of such a thing.

This is the only image of the interior that I have. My card happened to corrupt on me that day. There was no chance at rescuing images, I tried. I am now working on trying to gain legal access to the site. The space still has some of the original equipment in it, lathes, etc.


One thought on “Union Iron Works (San Francisco)

  1. Man, what a bummer about the corrupt card. Especially since we might not get in here again.I lost all of my images from my first day trip to HP…8-hours worth of shooting down the drain. I tried everything to recover the files, but no luck.

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