Washington Packing Corp

With increased activity of scrappers at the cannery comes increased police activity as well, especially when people don’t think before they act. This was the case a few weeks ago. One of the scrappers decided it would be easier to throw an AC unit out of a window down onto the lower roof, rather than haul it down unseen. After the dust and noise, the police were called causing the cannery to be swarmed by the boys in blue. The scrappers made it out, but it has been rumored that someone else was in there and was arrested. I have heard two different stories from the scrappers. 1. A graffiti artists was caught with can in hand 2. The person was a photographer. All of my homeless contacts continued asking if it was me. And to add to the rumors, someone started spreading the rumor that it had been me.

I went to the cannery yesterday to work on a project. I had noticed that the huge hole the scrappers had made in the old rollaway door to extract their metal had been welded shut and reinforced. I could not help but laugh at this. The city paid money for someone to do this. I  am waiting to see how long this will last. After speaking with my scrapper contacts, I was told that they were also amazed that the city would pay someone to do this. Especially since they used metal that would fetch a good price as scrap. It was only a matter of time for them to bust the welds and make a profit off of the city once more.

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