What The Fuck!?

I recently met up with someone on the street from a class last semester. He asked me how my squatter story, and abandoned building exploration was progressing. I told him it was going very well. He then commented, “I’m not sure if I should tell you this.”  He asked if I remembered a particular woman from our class. He went on to tell me that she was a Sargeant in the SFPD, Richmond District. He had been helping her with Photoshop and learned this. She told him not to tell me, or anyone else of her secret. As my semester project developed–squatter story, which involved getting into abandoned buildings, her interest grew more and more. He felt uncomfortable telling me this! He even went as far to ask if anything had happened to me since class ended. Can you believe that!? I mean really? What would have happened if she had her SFPD buddies come down and take me in? He didn’t feel comfortable telling me, he said. This really angered me. Have a fuckin spine, and some respect for a fellow photographer. I had developed a liking for the guy. He was a good guy. After hearing this story I realized I couldn’t trust him anymore with anything, even a conversation about my projects. After giving it some thought of how I might have handled this situation, I came to the conclusion that I would have pulled  him aside and let him know, “hey, there’s an off-duty SFPD taking this class, I would watch what you’re saying.” Seriously, what was she going to do to him even if he did tell, arrest him because she spilled her secret identity?


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