Wormless Can

Funny enough, I took the film to Walgreens who didn’t even turn a second glance at the condition of the film. All of the film has been developed now. Only four rolls were developed. It turns out that one had suffered major water damage and the other roll had all ready been developed–no film in the canister. 

The roll of film from Power Station A (the blue canister) was an interesting one. The whole roll was of a group of Asians (young adults) at a bar having a good time. The very last photo was a long haired, interesting looking character who did not fit the group at all. It looked as though he could have took a self portrait inside the space. I will never know. What’s more interesting is how he got a hold of this camera.
The black disposable camera was found in the bike room of the pool house, and had photos of many different people, and someone’s bike.
The other roll of film was photos of a family, birthday party, ocean beach coast line, and what appeared to be a wild animal park.

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