Developing What Could Be A Can of Worms

These rolls of film were found at various abandoned locations that I have been photographing for my story on squatters in the San Francisco Bay area. These rolls are very rusty and old. I am not sure of the status of the film inside. The disposable camera has film in it as well. I took it to a dark room today who refused to develop it. They were afraid that the rust would contaminate their chemicals. I had to also consider the content of the film. I have no idea who took the photos or of what. I let the dark room know this to safe guard myself. They told me that I was opening a can of worms. If there was anything illegal they would turn the film over to the authorities. I have to find another location who will hopefully develop the film. If no one will touch it I will have to consider hiring a student at school to do it for me. This will also solve my concern of privacy and protection in the case there is illegal content on the film.


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